Debbie Stanton 2018

Debbie Stanton

Psychotherapy, BWRT Level 3 Advanced, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching

For help with anxiety, stress, phobias, relationship issues, weight management, smoking and more.

Member Of Organisations MIBWRT (Psyche.) IACT, CNHC

Phone 01473 810127  Mobile 07817 218072

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Address Available in Sudbury, Hadleigh and Colchester

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

The Grief Recovery Method 

It’s hard to know how to manage the pain after a death or loss. Grief Recovery® is a practical way to release the pain and experience emotional freedom. Call Sarah for sensitive, confidential and effective support

Member Of organisations Grief Recovery UK Ltd

Phone 01449 740120   Mobile 07702 454491

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Email sarah@sarahjonesadmin.co.uk