2018 homemade profile no. 2 photoHi, I’m Yvonne Davey-Croft the host of Suffolk And Norfolk Therapists. I started Suffolk Networking For Therapists in 2016 because I was feeling isolated as a therapist, I had friends but none of them was working in the wellbeing business, I am and was back then a member of EFTMRA the academy I did my original EFT training with and yes they have a fantastic forum but I wanted to meet therapists in person, I Googled and came up with zero in my area, that’s why I started all this.

From that first month, the group has developed, some things have worked and some haven’t been so popular, the main thing is therapists want to speak and share with therapists (this includes most wellbeing practitioners) and we need somewhere to turn to when we have questions whether business or client related, not all therapists have a supervisor at the end of the phone.

On a personal level I am passionate about self-development and developing myself as a practitioner, within the EFT community I have a great international network online, I have supervisors and trainers  I can easily contact but I love the get-togethers with other therapists locally.

I organise and host two styles of meetings;

In Stowmarket I host an informal coffee meetup at The Mix in the cafe area of Cabbages & Kings, this is unstructured, an opportunity to meet and chat with others in our industry, from September 2018 I will be asking attendees to drop £2 in the pot as a thank you for holding this space for you each month except August and December. Cabbages & Kings offer a great selection of drinks which you need to order and pay for yourself, the Stowmarket meeting is on the third Monday.

The other meetings are structured with one in Bury St Edmunds and one near Norwich. These two are our Networking & Development meetings, the first half hour is relaxed networking, we then introduce ourselves followed by theBusiness Showcase, this is an opportunity for one member to expand on their business, we then have a formal facilitated roundtable discussion, (the Norwich meeting is in its early days and still finding its feet so this may not happen quite the same until numbers have grown) this is an opportunity for any attendee to ask for advice/opinions from the other therapists present.

I like feedback and polite criticism (I’m happy for it to be anonymous) is welcome, both these help me develop the meetings to serve therapists needs, I sometimes take a while to chew over feedback and criticism but it is taken into account.

Pricing for the Norwich and Bury St Edmunds meetings vary, Bury St Edmunds needs to be booked in advance from September 2018 due to room size limiting the numbers to eleven.

I think that’s covered the basics if you have any questions jump over to the Contact page and drop me a message.

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