Grief Of A Job Loss

When we hear that someone is grieving, we assume they are mourning a death, but we also experience grief when we lose a job or give up a career. Grief can occur when any familiar pattern in our life changes so when we leave a job, even if it’s our choice, we grieve the loss of what’s familiar.
Without work, we lose the structure of having to get up, get dressed and join the traffic. We nearly always lose contact with people who we’ve seen and chatted to every day. We start to question our identity as whatever our job title or role, we take some status from it. When we meet new people, a common question is ‘what do you do?’ and without having information about our work to share with others, we notice how much our identity was tied to our employment.
Another loss is the financial security of having a regular wage. Most of us work because we need to earn money, so if we no longer have a job we lose the security. If ill health is the cause we may also have lost our ability to do some of the things we love, so it’s not surprising we feel low at this time.
As with any grief, we need to find a way to deal with the painful emotions, so that we can move forward in life positively, without the weight of grief dragging us down.
There are many types of therapy available which may help, or you could try the Grief Recovery Method©, which is a guided self-help course. Over seven weeks you will learn new skills that enable you to identify your unfinished emotional business and say goodbye to the pain.

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

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